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Version 1.0.3

Age is an Apple's Address Book plug-in that calculate the age of a person using the birthday date.


Mac OS X 10.3 or greater.
This utility should work on Mac OS X 10.2 too, but no test has been done.


  1. Close Address Book application.
  2. Copy the Age.bundle plug-in in ~/Library/Address Book Plug-Ins/ folder. The ~ symbol represents is your home folder.
    If you want to offer this plug-in to all users on the machine copy it in /Library/Address Book Plug-Ins/ folder.
  3. Reopen Address Book application.


  1. Close Address Book application.
  2. Move to trash the Age.bundle plug-in.
  3. Reopen Address Book application.


To get the age of a person, select his/her card in Address Book. Go over the label of the birthday date (called "birthday") and click. A menu will appear and displays the age. Obviously the birthday date has already be defined.


The application's source code has been written in Objective-C and is freely available.

Any comment or donation will be appreciated.


Written by Paolo Portaluri
© 2004-2005 Paolo Portaluri


Volker Fuchs for German translation.
Carl Bäckström for Swedish translation.
Cyril Seillet for French translation.
Marjan van de Pol for Dutch translation.
Haruhiko Nakasu for Japanese translation.


This application may be freely used, distributed and modified.

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Version History


Age is available in the file Age1.0.3.dmg (97 kB).

Age source code is available in the file (35 kB).

For more informations it is possible to contact the author Paolo Portaluri.