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Version 1.1

This little utility moves to trash one or more files or folders dropped on it.
This is useful if you like to have the trash available on every Finder window, or if you have the dock hidden but want to take the trash visible.


Mac OS X 10.3 or greater.

Excepted for the sidebar function this utility should work on Mac OS X 10.2, but no test has been done.
Properly recompiled, SideTrash may work on Mac OS 8 and greater too, but it'd be useless because this operative system offers natively all features of this program.


  1. Copy SideTrash application wherever you want on your hard drive.
    (Recommended places are the Applications folder and the Desktop)
  2. Drag the icon of SideTrash onto the sidebar of a Finder window.


  1. Drag the icon of SideTrash out the sidebar of a Finder window.
  2. Move to trash the SideTrash application.


To move something into the trash, just drop it onto the SideTrash icon (either in the sidebar or where the application is located).

To view the trash content, just click SideTrash icon in the sidebar or double click the original application icon. If there is a Finder windows opened, the frontmost one will show the trash content, if there are no opened windows, a new window will be open.


SideTrash icon doesn't reflect the state of the trash.

When SideTrash icon in the sidebar is clicked its background doesn't change color like the others items.

Important: if you drop an alias or a soft-link onto SideTrash icon, the original file will be trashed and not the alias.
If you know how to solve this issue, please contact me.

The application's source code can be seen dropping the program's icon on Script Editor (can be found in /Applications/AppleScript). Otherwise it is stored in and can be opened with Script Editor.

Any comment or donation will be appreciated.


Written by Paolo Portaluri
© 2004 Paolo Portaluri


This application may be freely used, distributed and modified.

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Redistribution and use in source and binary forms, with or without modification, are permitted provided that it must retain the copyright and license notice.

Version History


SideTrash is available in the file SideTrash1.1.dmg (247 KB).

Previous version are available on demand.

For more informations it is possible to contact the author Paolo Portaluri.