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Version 1.0

This application helps you to identify the type of a file. It relays on the Unix command-line utility file.
It is useful if you have a file without extension or other file type identifiers. Fore example some e-mail attachments.
The application also displays the MIME type.


Mac OS X 10.3 or greater.
This utility should work on Mac OS X 10.2 too, but no test has been done.


Copy the FileX application wherever you want on your hard drive.
(Recommended places is the Applications/Utilities folder)


Move to trash the FileX application.


To obtain the needed informations you just have to indicate the file to analyse. There are 3 way to do it: However the results will appear in the FileX window. Naturally you can copy or drag the displayed informations.


FileX uses the command-line utility file to produce its results. This utility uses complex algorithms to analyse a file. One of these algorithms is based on the informations of a file called magicfile. For more informations about file look at its man page.

The accuracy of FileX results relays on the accuracy of the file utility. Unlucky the informations about new formats are not accurate in the version included in Mac OS X. @@@ only the data fork of the file is analysed.

If multiple files are dropped onto FileX icon or window, only the informations about the first will be displayed.

If you drop an alias or a soft-link onto FileX icon, will be displayed the information about the original file. If you drop the alias onto the window, will be displyed the information about the alias.
If you know how to solve this issue, please contact me.

The application has been written in AppleScript Studio. It's source code can be freely downloaded.

The icon has been designed by Sauro Spagnol.

Any comment or donation will be appreciated.


Written by Paolo Portaluri
© 2005 Paolo Portaluri


This application may be freely used, distributed and modified.

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Version History


FileX is available in the file FileX1.0.dmg (179 KB).

FileX source code is available in the file (62 KB).

For more informations it is possible to contact the author Paolo Portaluri.